Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 8: What’s In Your Bucket?

Jelly Fish

At school my kids are learning about being bucket fillers. The premise is pretty simple. We are the buckets. When our are buckets are full, we are calm, secure and happy. When our buckets are empty, we are more prone to being sad, lonely or depressed. An empty bucket can cause us to behave in a way that empties the buckets of those around us. Throughout the day, the children are encouraged to fill each other’s buckets with kind and thoughtful words or deeds.

It’s such a basic concept but an invaluable life skill. So often we neglect our own buckets, thinking that our empty tank can’t spill over onto anyone else’s. I mean, how can it? Happiness bubbles over, sorrow and distress just simmer, right?

But if you leave a pot on the stove for a prolonged period, even on low heat, the liquid will eventually boil and then evaporate. The pot will be heated and the bottom will begin to burn. Given enough time, the empty vessel will catch fire and singe the things around it. 

Fill your bucket today so that you can fill the bucket of those around you.

Fish in a bucket

We were at the park one day and my son said, “Look the sand made a fish in the bucket.” I love it when they spot things like that. Beauty is where we least expect it.

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