Sunday, October 25, 2015

Day 16: Commemorating a Life

what would you do in your current circumstance right now if you truly believed God woudl provide
The pastor of our church passed away recently. A question he asked one Sunday morning was pivotal in my life. That sermon lead to a scared guy and girl saying Yes in a big way.

The email the church family received notifying us of his passing bespoke sorrow and conveyed hope. It mentioned that this man’s impact would be felt for generations to come.

My household feels his impact with magnitude. Today a little girl watches cartoons in my bed, changing the channels on the remote with her toes. She flouts around the house bossing the life out of us. Her brothers race her from their bikes, she zooms past a blur of shocking pink.

I read recently that at a Japanese burial, the deceased are sometimes given a knife. It is symbolic of being able to cut ties with this life.

And yet when our souls leave our bodies to rest in a place outside of time and space, we can’t extricate ourselves from the bonds of this earth.

We may be departed, our life’s work –in whatever shape it took – is not.

We, the mere mortals, feel our arching importance daily. I work with megabytes or medicine or merchandise we say, our societal value duly implied. I have no time to wait in your line, to work my way through your series of recorded prompts. There are buttons to be pushed, gavels to be pounded, numbers to be crunched. I have to, I needs must…

The I expires.  The impact does not.

Carry that with you today. Do not lay it down until you can be assured you are living your legacy.

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