Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 17: Schedule 10 Minutes Today

**This post contains Amazon-affiliate links. But try from the library before you buy.**

I’m a big fan of Gretchin Rubin. One of the habit strategies she recommends is scheduling or setting aside a dedicated time to make sure something gets done. For me, it doesn’t mean a set appointment (on Tuesday at 10:00, I will do xzy) but it does mean putting it on my To Do list under a specific day.
It seems almost silly to set aside a block of time as small as 10 minutes, but when I do, it helps ensure that the task gets done. Small, simple tasks often get overlooked or pushed back for the very reason that they are small simple tasks. When you ink them in, it’s easier to make sure they get done. 

It’s Monday (surprise!). While you’re getting organized, schedule yourself some time to do one or more of the following:

1. Watch this 10-minute hair and make up tutorial. The rest of your week will thank you.

2. Reserve these Halloween-ish books for yourself and your kids from the library. You may not get them in time for trick-or-treating, but you’ll have them while the spirit (and candy) still lingers.

the ghost eye treethe old woman who was scared of everythingroomcode name verity

3. Speaking of candy, floss your teeth AND your kids. My son saw a team of doctors all at one LONG appointment last week. There was a dentist on that team. He started the visit by asking my son a question. As soon as he said, “Do you” I inwardly cringed, thinking he was going to ask about flossing, which we are undeniably spotty at. The question he ended up asking though was “Do you brush your teeth twice a day?”. My son looked at me for the answer. Really? We had that one in the bag. It was the flossing we were going to fail. Floss all those pearly whites today, even if no one is asking.

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