Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 18: Listening Is An Act of Love

Listening is an act of love
On Sunday, the pastor said that listening is an act of love. It took a few minutes for me to grasp how powerful that statement was.

I can’t count the number of times when I’m talking to someone that my mind wanders, I mentally jump to where I assume the conversation is headed or that I rehearse my rebuttal instead of just truly listening.

Listening is a learned art.

It’s time for this pupil to take lessons.

My grandfather wore a hearing aid. When the pitch in the room got too high, his hearing aid would whine and buzz. He’d fiddle with it a time or two, and when it didn’t subside, he’d just turn it off.

Inevitably, after a while, someone would shout, arms waving or tap him on the shoulder and he’d turn it back on. My grandmother accused him more than once of intentionally turning his hearing aid off during one her robust discussions.

We need to drown out the noise too. But instead of tuning out, we need to listen.

Not listen and multi-task.

Not listen and scan the aisles for the next item on the list or check the rearview mirror for cars.

We need to just listen and let that be our gift.

Tune in today. Tell us what you hear.

Ketchup on burgers, mustard on weiners. I’d better take my ears to the cleaners. Max the Bad Talking Parrot

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