Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 3: Love Loud: The Day We Met Our Son in China, A Look Back

A year ago in a non-descript room, in a non-descript building I met a boy. He clutched a bag of ketchup-flavored potato fries. I clutched my heart.

The adoption guide called us just a few hours before we were supposed to met. “Please bring two changes of clothes,” he said. “The child has very few things.” In the hours leading up to meeting time, we attempted to decode the message. He’d gotten his clothes dirty and didn’t have anything to change into? It was October, perhaps he didn’t have warm enough layers? Did they want the extra clothing as a donation?

Later when we were back at the hotel, we peeled our little guy like an onion. He was wearing every stitch he owned.

Those words, the phrasing of what was said – this child is without – to this day it leaves me splintered, tundra cold.

It’s not the the clothing was scant, it’s that he was bereft.

Then he wasn’t. With this print we said forever. A little boy became a brother, a waiting child became a son. Until the end of love.


Love loud, friends. In whatever way that looks like, love loud.

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