Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 5: There Is No Free Size In Life

There is no free size in life

If you’ve ever traveled to Southeast Asia, you’ve encountered a little misnomer known as “free size.” Free size is the US equivalent of one size fits all. It doesn’t matter if you are a women’s XS or a man’s XL, when you’re shopping on the street for a t-shirt or anything with an elastic waist, the vendors will often try and convince you that details like measurements and sizing are merely for the overly particular consumer. And, you, a discerning, yet open-minded individual, are far more suited to “free size.” (Even though it’s two words, it’s often said rapidly to resemble one fast word – freesigh.)

While the idea is commercially alluring - one product for everyone - it’s simply not feasible. For all but an infrequent few, the knock-off Louis Vuitton shirt with the one “t” will either be oversized or constricting.

Most of the advice we get (and give) in life is kind of like that. Apart from a few tenets of truths, life is not free size. Uniformity is a paint coverage, not a life application. Just because something worked for us does not mean it will work for someone else. Similarly, just because something worked for us once does not necessarily mean that will always work.

Pass on free size, in whatever form it’s being sold.


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    1. I thought about having t-shirts made, but the irony seems too great!