Sunday, November 1, 2015

Day 23: 3 Things October Taught Me

(What happened to Day 22? It got carried away by the Halloween spirits!)

1. Sometimes you have to go old school.
We bought a fancy cast protector for my son’s cast but we couldn’t make it suction properly. When we were at our checkup this week, I mentioned it to the orthopedic technologist who put on a new cast. He told me that he’s had to redo many a cast after people tried using those cast protectors.
“You need to use Saran Wrap, a plastic bag and then Saran Wrap,” he said. We went to the beach yesterday and we were afraid sand might get in the cast. So what did we bring with us? It worked!

Saran wrap at the beach

2. Two thirds of the world’s illiterate people are women.
I reserve books like they’re going out of style. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a To Read list. My friend and I often text each other a picture of the front cover of a book we’re currently reading. No words, just the cover. We both know it means drop everything and find this book. I can’t imagine a world without books, yet these graphics are a sobering reminder of how privileged I am, especially as a woman.

compassion  international

3. Beauty awaits, all we have to do is look.
There was a pod of dolphins that kept swimming right in front of us. It was a mesmerizing sight. The entire beach stood and watched in awe. It felt like the kind of moment where applause for the magnificence of life was wholly warranted.
dolphins at the beach

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