Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 29: Recess For Your Mind

Recess For Your Mind
The weekend is here! Give your brain a break.
Here are a few of my favorite books, tv shows and family activities.
  1. As Time Goes ByAre you a Judi Dench fan? (If not, we shall not speak again). The Korean War ends things for Jean and Lionel, but they meet 38 years later by chance. (This was free on Amazon Prime, but sadly they’ve taken it off. You can get the DVDs from Netflix, or try your library.)
  2. Home FiresIf you like period pieces and PBS Masterpiece, you’ll enjoy this 6-part series. It’s set in a rural English village just before World War II. It’s a nice filler while we wait for Sherlock to return.
  3. Death in Paradise – My mom turned me on to this one. A British inspector is transferred to the island of Saint-Marie, but he hates the sun, sea, and sand. On Netflix.
I love YA books. They’re easy reads but aren’t light reading. Here are some of my current favorites:
  1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before - I recommended this to a friend and she asked me, “Isn’t this a teeny- bopper book?” (Thus, revealing her age). No, it’s not. The cheesy cover is misleading. It’s truly great. Laura Jean keeps the love letters she’s written in a hat box but somehow they all get mailed.
  2. P.S. I Still Love You – This is the sequel to the above book. It’s equally as light-hearted and charming. Pick up both books at the same time!
  3. The Geography of You and Me – I read this book in the early mornings at the beach this summer. I  alternated views of the ocean and my page. Both were great! Lucy and Owen live in the same building, they meet while stuck in the elevator during a black-out.
  1. Smash Your Pumpkin - A friend recently move to the states from India. She asked me what we do with Halloween pumpkins. “Is it just carving them?” she questioned. I realized, for the first time, how truly wasteful a tradition they can be. We like to stand on a ladder and drop our decomposing pumpkins with a resounding smash. It’s fun, and it makes composting easier.
  2. From Time to Time – It’s family movie night! Tolly goes to visit his grandmother at their British ancestral home and discovers time travel.
  3. Bake a Pie – Granny Smiths are on sale right now, so we’re baking an apple crumb pie this weekend. Yum. While we  wait for it to cool, we’ll read The Apple Pie That Papa Baked.
Go forth and allow your brain to rest!

PS – Anyone know how to link directly to Netflix without linking to your own account? I can’t figure it out!

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