Sunday, November 8, 2015

Day 30: A Solution For Your Lego Problem

Your Lego Problem Solution
I’ve had a few bosses infamous for their clich├ęs. One boss constantly asked us to “Think outside the box.” (His repeated use of the phrase left us wondering if perhaps he had failed to think outside the box.) Another would say, “Is this the hill we want to die on?” (He was predictably former military. I think he may have meant it literally.)

I don’t want to die on a hill (or anywhere else for that matter). But I do think it makes a great parenting phrase. Pick your battles is a popular parenting mantra. But I prefer “Is this the hill I want to die on?” for it’s more fatalistic and visual qualities.

Legos have been a hill we’ve been dying on over here. We’ve tried everything: sorting by color, big bins, small containers. You name it, we’ve tried it. (This may or may not include threatening to throw them all away more than once.)

Nothing has worked.

I even bought one of those ingenious Swoop bags. But my Lego builders kept insisting they need to dump the Legos to find the pieces they need. Dumping has always meant one thing and one thing only – disaster.

Finally, I figured out a solution and it’s simple. You don’t need to buy anything or make anything. All you need is go to the linen closet and unfold it. It’s called a sheet.

There’s a new rule at our house: Legos get played on the sheet or they don’t get played.

You’re welcome.

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