Monday, November 30, 2015

Plus One For Christmas This Year

Mr Scientist

A nine-year-old little boy from China, nicknamed Mr. Scientist, is joining us for Christmas this year. He’ll be with us for about a month. He’s coming to us as part of the Orphan Hosting Program at GWCA.

Why are we hosting? For a lot of reasons.

It will be awesome to introduce a child to the wonders of Christmas and, likewise, for us to get to enjoy the holiday season from his perspective.

Foremost, however, is that this little boy needs a family. Adoption is the avenue we walked to build our family, three times. It’s been an amazing gift. But, we aren’t planning to adopt again. We believe strongly in offering our financial support to organizations who help care for children (New Hope Foundation and Love Without Boundaries being favorites). Writing a check, however, never feels like enough. We want to be on the front lines.

This is how we are able to do it.

Children in China age out of the adoption system at age 14. Mr. Scientist has less than five years to find a family. Every day he waits is a day too long. While he’s here, we get to advocate for him: to tell families about him, about adoption, about our family’s story.

I’m excited and I hope you will be too. I’ll be blogging about meeting him (December 17th!) and his time with us and about his departure too.

Please join me. I’d like for you to have a seat at this table too.

(Do you have questions about adoption that you’ve been afraid to ask? Read here about Children Of Our Own.)

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  1. He sounds like a smart little guy...I hope it's a great experience for all of you!

    - K.