Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Answers To Your Orphan Hosting Questions

** Most of these answers I’ve taken directly from GWCA’s Hosting website although I’ve added a few personal insights. When Mr. Scientist has been with us longer, I’ll talk more about our individual experience.  **

What is orphan hosting? It’s a program that allows children in need of forever familes to spend a month with an American family. GWCA’s goal is for ALL adoptable host children to be adopted after their first host trip.

Do you have to be an adoptive family to host a child? No. That’s not a requirement. (However, I think families who have adopted previously are in an advantageous position because of their prior experience and knowledge.) 

Who is eligible to host?
  • Citizenship: One parent must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Age:  Generally between 29-60 years old, depending on the country and the special needs of the child, if any.
  • Marriage  Status:    Single women  and  married  couples  are generally eligible in both countries, and single men can be considered on a case by case basis for Latvia.
  • Criminal History:  Applicants with a criminal history of child abuse, violence or domestic violence are not eligible to host
  • Health:  Host parents must be in good health with no major medical or psychological concerns.
Does a host child have to have their own room? No, they can share a room with a child of the same gender. They are, however, required to have their own bed.

Can a host parent work? Host parents are asked to take the majority of the hosting program off of work in order to spend time with their host child. Host parents also can reach out to extended family (host grandma and host grandpa!) for help periodically. Every adult who is in charge of a child must have a background check on file.

How long does the host child stay? About 30 days.

What countries participate in hosting? GWCA has hosting programs through China, Phillipines and Latvia

What do I need to provide for my host child? Typically, the children only come with what they have on. Some kids come with a small suitcase (in our case, Mr. Scientist’s suitcase was full of snacks and candy!). The host children can only return with a backpack that they themselves can carry. Given that they can't go home with much, it is acceptable to provide gently used clothes for the kids during their stay.

Is there a fee? Yes, although any hosting fees are tax-deductible. Go here to see the breakdown. (The chaperones need host families to stay with too. There is no fee to host the chaperones.)

Are you planning to adopt Mr. Scientist? No, we aren’t. But it is our deepest desire and most sincere hope that he will find his family on this trip.

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Mr. Scientist is whip smart. He used the Playstix to write out the following (the Chinese characters say " I love you." I hope I don't have the picture upside down):

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