Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Unwrapped: Advent Book Countdown

Reading Advent
One of my favorite parts of Christmas is wrapping presents. Watching a movie and wrapping to my heart’s content is an annual tradition. It’s a tradition that’s hard to keep, however, when you’re having an unwrapped Christmas.

Advent calendars are popular. I should know, I’ve bought and made several. I just don’t like that they are one more thing to do. I tire easily of the one more thing.

But this year, I managed to solve both problems. I wrapped all of our Christmas books, and we’re taking turns opening them - one a night. Other than wrapping (which I was happy to do) and reading (which we were always going to do), there’s nothing to do.

The books are a mixture of our personal collection, borrows from the library, and even a new purchase tossed in for good measure. To kick things up a bit, I wrapped a few of the books in empty cereal boxes to throw everyone off the scent.

Here’s a bit of what we’re reading:

Christmas Cricket – The book’s subject matter can be gleaned from the title. A short but compelling read.
The Little Drummer Boy (Mead) – My eldest got this as a present for his first Christmas. It’s still a favorite and not just because it has a drum button. The story is told simply but memorably.

The Little Drummer Boy (Keats) – The subject matter is the same but this book’s artwork is entirely different. The words are the song, but when paired with the art, it’s lyrical.

Snow Men At Night – Not one of my favorites, but the kids like it. We just discovered that the back of the book gives you a list of hidden pictures to find.

Holly and Ivy – I didn’t wrap this one because it’s a bit long for one night, but once school gets out and we finish our current chapter read-a-loud, we’ll dive into this one because it’s one of my favorites. A little girl wants a home, a doll does too.

The Christmas Day  Kitten – You can’t go wrong with animals and James Herriott any time of year.

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