Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas UnWrapped: Focus On The Giving

I know some little people right now who have a serious case of the “I wants.” It’s practically impossible to take them anywhere, gas station included, without someone being overcome with desire. The crazy thing is that they don’t want something, they just want anything. (Which is how someone saw an ad on the side of the gas pump and decided the depicted cocoa must be extra tasty. Seriously?!)

Part of me wants to remind them about how we visited an orphanage this summer, about how we witnessed  people living in abject poverty. But then, I would have to remind myself that I saw all of that too and came home and shopped the Nordstrom Semi-Annual Sale. Things might not make us content, but they can make us happy.

So, I’m going to skip the sermon and we’re going refocus by doing some giving. Here’s how:

Pass out $5 gift cards. One year before Christmas I went to Starbucks and bought a bunch of $5 gift cards (I did it via the drive-thru, the people behind me did not like me). We then proceeded to give those gift cards to random people. Our oldest was our youngest at the time, and we had him hand them out. People thought it was cute. Matt was kind of embarrassed by the whole thing, until the cashier in Lowe’s cried. Then, he decided that my idea wasn’t quite so crazy. We’re going to do it again this year. Each kid gets to pick a person. So far, the postman has already been nominated (given that he was at the mailboxes at the wrong time and had to listen to a certain child cry on the walk home from school yesterday, that seems fair).

Pray Through The Christmas Cards. We put all of the Christmas cards in a big basket and at dinner (when we remember) before we say grace, we pull out a card and pray for that family. One year, we got a particularly large card from some friends. That card got pulled out so many times that I finally had to put a moratorium on praying for them.  Hint: If you haven’t mailed out your Christmas cards yet, go big!

Make sibling gifts. The one year I was motivated enough to do this, it was a huge success. We turned oversized cardboard boxes into a gas pump and car. They were cool, there was actual tubing for the gas pump and the car had a steering wheel. These “presents” were some of the best loved items under the tree and the kids were so proud that they helped make them for each other. I don’t know what we’re going to do this year. But this and this look like fun.

Happy Giving!

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  1. Now I'm plotting a HUGE card for next year!!