Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas UnWrapped: Jingle Walk

In just 2 days, Mr. Scientist, our little host boy from China is joining us! As a reminder, he'll be with us for Christmas but can only go home with a backpack he can carry. Consequently, we're trying to have an UnWrapped Christmas.

Today's UnWrapped Christmas idea is a Jingle Walk. I read on a Cup of Jo about penny walks. You go to the end of the street, toss a penny and heads you go left, tails you go right. The coin toss guides the way. It sounds like just the kind of thing kids love. It's the kind of low-maintenance, no prep idea that I love. Plus, we’ll all be getting a little exercise to boot.

Next week when school's out and we're all here, we’re going to get a penny and go on a Jingle Walk, complete with reindeer antlers and jingle bells. Our downtown isn’t as walkable as NY City, but I still think we can make it work out to where we walk past a donut shop. Heads we win, tails we go in!

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