Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Unwrapped: Let’s Make It Snow

Let's Make It Snow!
One year for Christmas, I got an electric ice scraper. I thought it was a wonderful invention until in my haste to get going, I tossed it into the car without unplugging it and burnt the floor mat. Whoops! Whether you’re  battling the elements – or not – an indoor snow day can be lots of fun, without the hassle.  

Here are some of our favorite ways to make it snow (these are just as much fun in July, just crank up the AC).

Snowflakes, snowflakes, snowflakes – One year when I was little, we came downstairs to find a white Christmas. My mom had cut out a multitude of snowflakes and hung them from the ceiling. I hang snowflakes very year too, twinkle lights + snowflakes = magic! (Just be sure to save your snowflakes so they can be reused each year. Your scissor hands will thank you!)

Mini marshmallows – Who doesn’t like a tiny snow ball? These are great for a miniature snow ball fight, a snack or give everyone toothpicks and let them make snow ball contraptions.

Snow ball fight – If there is one thing we have an abundance of, it’s white socks, but the stripy ones will work too. Give everyone rolled up socks and then the fight is on.

Potato flakes – Do you know what photographers use for snow in pictures? Potato flakes. Who needs a snow overlay when you can make your own snow? We get our potato flakes from the dollar store.

Dirty Snow Tortillas – Give everyone a pair of kitchen scissors and a flour tortilla and cut out a tortilla snowflake. Once you have your shape, butter it and then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and bake on a cookie sheet at 350 F until the edges are browned.

Shaving cream – Put shaving cream in empty pie tins, sprinkle with glitter and let everyone go at it with their fingers or a plastic spoon. For added fun, hide a Lego mini-fig in the “snow.”
Oh baby, I hope it’s cold inside!


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