Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Haircuts and Funny Bits

Mr. Scientist has been telling me that he needed his hair cut. Based on his repeated and adamant scissor motioning, I'm pretty sure he thought I was falling down on the job by not chopping to it myself (get it?). I considered telling him about the time, just a few years ago, that I whacked my own bangs to my forehead's detriment, but opted to skip the cautionary tale and instead just took him to the salon. From the grin on his face, you'd have thought I took him to Disney, not Great Clips.

If he was handsome before, with the haircut, he now takes spiffy to a whole new level.

In other news, we've had a couple of pretty funny moments lately. Breakfast yesterday morning was English Muffins. I had butter and jelly on the table, but Mr. Scientist asked me for soy sauce. Now, call me conventional, but I thought soy sauce and English muffins sounded like a frightful pairing. Evidently, Mr. Scientist did too because he didn't put the soy sauce on his English muffin. He liberally doused it over an entire stick of butter. My stomach cringed; I think the butter's did too.

The Google Translate app has been working pretty well for us. It's not always perfect, but it generally gets the job done. One of the difficulties, however, is that Mr. Scientist is soft-spoken so the app doesn't pick up everything he says. After Mr. Scientist's repeated unsuccessful attempts to have the phone translate, Matt gestured into the phone and said "louder, louder." Mr. Scientist nodded that he understood, got close to the phone and in a big, strong voice said, "LOUDER, LOUDER." It was a classic moment and such a beautiful reminder of why we're doing this.

When I pushed back from the table last night, I was full. There was a physical contentedness but even more so, there was the fullness that comes from having experienced life's tender mercies. Hope and joy can fill you in a way that nothing else can.

May hope, joy and peace fill you this Christmas season.

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