Monday, December 21, 2015

Life Is A Collaborative Sport (Bowling Is Too!)

It's been raining on and off all weekend. Last night it started raining in earnest. I'm not about to stay indoors all day with four kids, especially two boys who can't stop boxing. So, we went bowling (technically, we were still indoors, but we were in someone else's indoors).

While bowling is a team sport, you wouldn't think it would take 3 people to get the bowling ball down the lane. You'd be quite mistaken.

I had them bring us the bowling ball guide so that a certain little miss could kick the ball down the lane. The guys, of course, wanted a piece of that action. While our technique left a little something to be desired, everyone had a lot of fun.

(For reference purposes, the ages in this picture are (L-R) 6.5, 4 and 9 years old.)

It was still drizzling when we left the bowling alley, but we needed rice and tofu and the Asian market was right across the street. So, I rolled the dice and decided we would all run in (run being the operative word). When we came back out, the rain had picked up. I had to open the wheelchair ramp, fold down the extra seat, and buckle two of the three car seats because no one could do it themselves given that they were all wearing heavy coats. After I got everyone squared away, I went to lift the now wet 50-pound bag of rice into the car. I didn't get it hoisted on the first try. I heard a man holler at me from the doorway "Need some help?" My keys were between my teeth (classy to the end!), so I muttered back that I had it and flashed him a confident grin that I'm sure came across as a sickly grimace and swung the rice into the car (swung being the operative word).

I'm not sure how the man saw me given that he was already walking in to the store.  I'm just glad that he did and that he offered to help. It's nice to be reminded that life is not meant to be lived alone and the smallest gestures sometimes can make the biggest impact.

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