Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mr. Scientist Goes To The Science Museum

Mr Scientist Science Museum
Mr Scientist Science Museum 3
Mr Scientist Science Museum 2
When your host child’s nickname is Mr. Scientist where are you all but obligated to take him? The science museum. When we told Mr S that we were going to go, we got an enthusiastic “OKAY.”

All of the exhibits were in English and unfortunately the museum didn’t have any foreign language headsets, but the language barrier wasn’t a problem. The planetarium especially was a big hit.

We had asked Mr. S what his favorite foods were when he got here and he’d mentioned “chicken wings.” So, after the museum we headed to KFC. Ironically, I think the last time we’d had KFC was at a zoo in Thailand several years ago. Life has now come full circle.

Yesterday, the kids and I took a little road trip. Between a lot of traffic and a little car sickness, there was snow and rainbows – it was quite the ride. More adventures soon to come.

For more information about Mr. Scientist or orphan hosting, please contact Meredith at GWCA at meredith@gwca.org or GWCA.

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