Wednesday, December 30, 2015

So, how’s it really been?

Mr Scientist advocacy4
I wrote an Orphan Hosting 101 post last week, but as we’ve come to learn over the years, people tend to have a different question: How has it really been?

It’s been great. It’s also been some work.

Adding another person into our mix, even temporarily, has meant some adjusting – for everyone. But, if you take into account that we don’t speak the same language as Mr. S, that he comes from another culture and has spent years in foster care – then it has gone pretty swimmingly.

Yesterday, Mr. S, my niece and kids were playing Slamwich, a card game we gave him for Christmas. Everyone had a great time, and, as we had hoped, English wasn’t a prerequisite. Mr. S won at least one game. The day before, someone touched Mr. S’s toothbrush and he cried. It seems like an overly dramatic response to such a minor incident, but if you factor in that the toothbrush was a Christmas gift and that he likely has few personal possessions, then his response doesn’t seem nearly as disproportionate. BUT, it can still be emotionally taxing, at least for me.

We’re currently at my mom and dad’s house and he’s eating up all the extra loving that goes on here. Matt-hua and I tend to have a ‘rub some dirt on it and carry on’ mentality. Grandma has bandaids and Neosporin for even the most infinitesimal scrapes.

Here’s the blurb we wrote about Mr. S for GWCA’s Facebook page. Please contact to learn more about him and how to bring him home forever!
Mr Scientist_advocacy1
Mr. Scientist is a bright 9-year-old boy** who lives in China. He is in the fourth grade and loves math and science. He is observant and a quick learner. He speaks some English and understands even more.

He is very polite and is eager to learn. He flourishes from individualized attention and praise. His favorite pastimes include basketball, soccer and riding bikes. He also loves logic and math games.

Mr. Scientist is very small for his age but is persistent and determined. When he came to stay with his host family, he couldn't hang onto the monkey bars, much less make it across. After two weeks, he can now do both. He enjoys new experiences and soaks up praise for his accomplishments.

He is a reserved child who has a sensitive side but he can become quite animated when he's excited. He gets along well with other children and enjoys working toward a common goal (building something, puzzles, etc...).

He is affectionate little guy who likes to hug. He has amazing potential in a family.

**He told us he's 10, not 9.

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