Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Host Children Who Still Need Families

On Friday, these sweet, sweet kids are all headed back to China, including our own host child – Mr. Scientist. While he was the only one with us, we’ve followed along with the triumphs and travails of the other kids via a private group that all of the host parents are on.

Even though these kids all have different personalities, come from different living situations (foster care vs orphanage) and are different ages, it’s been interesting to see how much all of the behaviors have stayed on the same track. The first few days all of the host families were comparing translations apps and talking about the kids being fascinated by the little things. Mr. Scientist was, you may recall, fascinated by our dishwasher, which he referred to as a robot.  

Now everyone is talking about how much English the kids have picked up. Mr. Scientist has gotten very good at saying, “just one minute” and “wash your hands” - phrases that we apparently utter all too often. We’ve used the translation app very little over the last two weeks.

Three of the kids turn 14 this year. This means they “age out” of the system. If they don’t find a family in the next few months, they will NEVER have one. Once you are 14 in China, you can no longer be adopted.

Will you join me in praying that the families for these kids step forward?

We know how scary saying “yes” can be. Matt and I said “no” to two of our children before we said “yes.” Medical and physical needs paralyzed and petrified us.

The unknown is dark and can be lonely. I know.

That first step feels so, so big and your feet feel so, so heavy and so, so small. I know.

You think you need to overcome your fear to move forward. But you’ll never stop being afraid. Free-fall into your fear, it will propel you in the right direction. I know.

**Contact to learn more about Mr. S or any of these kids.**


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