Monday, January 18, 2016

In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion

Unlike March, Mr. S. came in like a lamb and out like a lion. When he got here, he was quiet and he didn’t have a big presence. By that I mean, he hung back a bit. He wasn’t really in the mix. 
When he left, he’d achieved a much higher decibel range and definitely was in the thick of things. I don’t know whether to attribute this to his actual personality or if he just adopted a “If I can’t beat them, I’ll join them” mentality. Either way, in 30 short days, he’d become a house guest who was no longer a guest.

As his departure approached, Mr. S wasn’t ready to go. He asked us if he could stay, telling us that “he liked it here.” It was more than a little devastating, especially knowing that we were sending him back without a family having come forward for him.

Thankfully on airport day, Mr. S was happy to see his friends. And we were glad that his leaving was not marked by sorrow.
Airport departures 2
Airport departures
Airport departures 3
His presence is missed around here. Three little people keep wondering what he’s doing and talking about “remember when.” He has changed all of us forever.

I’ve talked a lot about Mr. S and about what a funny, strong, brave, soy sauce and noodle-loving math whiz he is. But I can’t help but wonder if others impressions of him wouldn’t be helpful for someone to hear.

Mr S dressed up 2

Here’s what my momma has to say: Christmas is a time of family getting together, so I wondered how Mr. S. would feel being with our family. At first, he was a little reserved. But he soon settled in.  Mr. S. goes with the flow and just rolls right along. He is a sweet, smart, easygoing, affectionate child.  One night when I was helping get everyone to bed, he came downstairs with arms opened wide to give “Grandpa” a big hug. Another night, after watching me fluff pillows and smooth the sheets for Jessica's children, he wanted me to do the same for him. He was so delighted over something so minimal.

We got him a watch for Christmas. You would have thought it was a year’s pass to Disneyland or SeaWorld when in reality it was just a little inexpensive Spiderman watch. When you have few possessions, even something small is a really big deal.  Frequently from the expression on his face, you could see he was enjoying being with us but was wistful for a family of his own. This is heart wrenching and we have been praying for a family to come forward.”    
Mr S dressed up 3

These are Matt-hua’s thoughts on him: “From Day One, while reserved Mr. S. had a “want”:  a want to play football with others, a want to wrestle and a want for us to treat him no differently than the other kids. While small, he loved the physical contact of football, the excitement of being thrown in the air just to get caught, the joy and laughter of being in a human dog pile or having someone watch him while he was riding the bike or skateboard. Joining a family with or without other kids he has a want and a need to be physically active - that is exactly what I would want in a kid joining my family.”

***If you have questions about Mr. S please contact or email me.***


  1. I'very been thinking about you guys all day.

  2. Mr.S really impressed me when we met on Skype. He was trying so hard to learn the language, always with a smile on his face when he could repeat it. My heart was opened to him immediately, and if I was younger, I would say I would even try to adopt him. I pray also that someone will step up and fall in love and welcome him "home."

  3. It is breaking my heart that he doesn't have a family. I know he will forever remember his stay with you!!! We are praying for his forever family.