Friday, January 22, 2016

On Being A Rememberer

It’s been a week since Mr. Scientist, our host child, went back to China. The timbre of the house has returned to its original state. That’s not a bad thing. It’s not a good thing. It’s not necessarily even a quiet thing.

The return to it being just the five of us, can only be described like the end of a vacation: It’s so much fun to be on the trip, but it’s so good to go home again.

I’m currently reading Hannah Coulter (which I picked up as part of this library haul). In it Hannah talks about “living our daily histories.” I was struck by that turn of phrase.

Each day you think you’re just living, but you’re living your history. That packs a wallop, doesn’t it?

The Rememberers
It rained a lot during the last half of Mr. S’s stay, which made it harder to take pictures. One day, the skies parted for about an hour. I asked Mr. S to put on his fancy clothes and rush outside with me. He looked at me like only a 9-year-old boy can. He danced around the entire time, ready to be done with my picture-making.

But when it came time to pack his small suitcase and pick which clothes he wanted to take home, these dress-up duds made it into the “take” pile. The experience must not have been torture after all.

Whatever daily history he’s living today, I hope Mr. S is living it well.

To learn more about Mr. S, who is still waiting for a family, contact

The Rememberers 2
This photo makes me happy. White socks. Too big borrowed black shoes. Running free.

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