Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Right Not To Be Forgotten

In 2014, the European Union’s highest court ruled that people have “a right to be forgotten.” The crux of the rule was that people could ask search engines like Google to delink certain information about them, essentially erasing their pasts from the internet. If say, you had committed a former misdeed or had a history that you no longer felt accurately portrayed you, you couple wipe it from all search queries using this rule.

I’ve been thinking about the converse of that.

The right not to be forgotten. Not because we are a person who made some great discovery or invention or because we are a Nobel Prize winner – but simply because we are a magnificent human being who lived and breathed and loved and existed.

Tomorrow Mr. Scientist will be on a jet plane headed back to China. Our family has made a vow to him - we will not forget you.

I hope you won’t either.

The end of his visit and his return to China does not preclude a family coming forward for him. If anything, I hope it prompts that just right someone that now is the time to act.

Do you want to know more about Mr. S? You can access all the posts I’ve written about him by clicking on Orphan Hosting label in the upper right side bar of the blog. Or email me – Mr. S was with our family for 30 days, I have lots to say.

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The right not to be forgotten 3
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The right not to be forgotten

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