Saturday, January 30, 2016

Why Is Donald Trump’s Message Resonating So Loudly? The Best Story Wins.

The best story wins
I can’t predict the winner of the 2016 Presidential election. But what I can say is that Donald Trump wins as the most polarizing and divisive candidate. 

Whether you like him or not, you have to be asking yourself: How is he doing it? (And conversely, what is he doing that everyone else is not?)

Donald Miller, author of A Million Miles in A Thousand Years, and founder of StoryBrand explains Trump’s success here in this video. The video is only 17 minutes, but I’ll distill the main points for you.
  • Trump tells a clear and concise story.
  • He doesn’t paint himself the hero. The voter is the hero.
  • He points to a clear and disagreeable villain – politicians (of which he can distance himself from, in spite of the fact that a presidential candidate IS a politician.)
  • He has a simple message: Make America Great Again.
  • He has a call to action: Vote for me so that we can make America great again.
Miller isn’t a Trump supporter, but you don’t have to be a Trump supporter or Trump discounter to appreciate this video. Miller has deconstructed Trump’s undeniably successful message. That’s insightful for me as a voter. But even more so, it’s insightful for anyone who wants to be a compelling advocate or effective communicator.

Remember that bumper sticker from a few years back: Whoever dies with the most toys wins? Well, it (like most things in life) had a nugget of truth attached to it: Whoever tells the best story wins. (The word story here is all-encompassing: incorporating both truth and fiction).

What’s your story? How can you better live it? How can you better tell it?

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