Monday, February 29, 2016

5 Things I Learned in February

Asian bud vase with cherry blossoms-001
Thank you February for apricot blossoms. Summer may bring the fruit but you bring the bloom. Well done.
  1. There is a Parenthood playlist on Spotify. Enough said.

  2. There is an easier way to clean the George Foreman grill. You know how the George Foreman grill is so easy to use but so hard to clean, even with that plastic tool thingie? Well, my MIL taught me a trick she learned from Pinterest and it works! Immediately after you use the grill while it’s still hot, lay a couple of damp paper towels flat on the grill. Wait at least half and hour and then wipe clean with the paper towels and/or a soft cloth. All those previously caked on food remnants will come right up. 

  3. 80th birthday parties are fun. Our next-door neighbor just turned 80. His kids threw him a birthday party at a local restaurant. It was a lot of fun and included a trivia game (I had not known our unassuming neighbor was a roller derby champ back in the day!) But my favorite part of the party was hearing his friends and former co-workers give toasts. These were people who had known him for 50+ years. It made me think about who I might be roasting, err toasting, in another 40+ years.

  4. You can have a (almost) perfect hair day. If I could wish for anything, it would be a toss up between flawless skin and great hair. (You know, right after world peace and other altruistic things.) But in case my personal genie doesn’t show up any time soon, I’ve found a way to get almost perfect hair. I bought Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Travel Kit. I wasn’t a fan on the shampoo or conditioner but this stuff is AMAZING. You’re probably familiar with the brand, Jennifer Aniston is the spokesperson. But if you’ve been hesitant because of the sizeable price tag, try the Travel Kit. It’s much more palatable at $29. I bought mine at Ulta, who was offering a free gift on their kits at the time too. Yes, hurray me.

  5. The word “mi├án” in Mandarin means noodles AND face. Okay, so I didn’t learn this in February but we’ve still been laughing about it this past month. When Mr. Scientist was here, he came up to me one day and said something in Chinese. I didn’t understand, so he said it into the translation app. The translation came back, “I want to eat face.” I looked at it twice, confused. He looked at it again too and nodded his head. I was stymied and a little worried, given that at the time I was cooking braised pork with tofu and rice. Face? What could he possibly want: pig jowls? Ughh! Finally, I took a picture of the Chinese and sent it to a friend who laughingly told me that he wanted noodles. Whew!!
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  1. Good to know about Spotify and that birthday party sounds amazing.

    1. So much more fun than a kid's party!

  2. I'm going to listen to that playlist now! Great, fun list.