Monday, February 15, 2016

An Ode to Costco: 6 Things I Routinely Buy There

I was at Costco at 10 o’clock one morning this week. They were passing out calamari salad samples. It was early, but it’s never too early for calamari. It was absolutely phenomenal.

I picked up a container and plopped it in the cart. I started walking off but then realized that that was a lot of calamari for one person to eat, even if it was excellent. Regretfully, I put it back.

Most people buy milk, TP and diapers at Costco, but might I recommend the following, starting with the calamari:

All-purpose Flour – Yes, it’s a 25-pound bag and yes, I bake (on average 1x week). But even for a more occasional baker it’s still a good buy. The 5-pound bags of flour, even on sale, add up. I keep my on-hand flour in an air tight container, but  I keep the remainder in the original bag. I close it with an extra large rubber band and I’ve never had a problem.

Mediterranean Sea Salt  – I used to buy the pink Himalayan sea salt at Trader Joe's but that container is small and we were always running out. Now I buy this stuff. 

Saran Wrap –  We’re a family of 5, not a restaurant, but my parents started buying this and we followed suit. There’s a lot of it but it’s a good price point, doesn’t expire and you’ll never run out!

Coffee –  Enough said.

Eggs – We used to buy our eggs fresh from the egg ranch. They were wonderful and fresh and colorful. I could rhapsodize about the eggs endlessly (We once showed up at a dinner party with fresh eggs as a hostess gift. It‘s less traditional than a bottle of wine, but our friends couldn’t stop talking about the eggs. Not only did they become converts but so did some of the other guests.) But then we moved. I even joined a CSA to get fresh eggs but they just weren’t the same. Costco’s eggs aren’t the kind of thing you write home about, but they’re better than the standard grocery store eggs for freshness and price.

Pita bread/Naan – I think this is a local buy but it’s absolutely delicious. 

**Bonus**  The one thing I couldn’t wait for Trader Joe’s to restock was this BBQ Rub and Seasoning With Coffee and Garlic. It’s amazing on all kinds of meat and veggies. We bought it last summer, not realizing that it was a seasonal purchase. We’ve been so bummed but it’s now back in stock. I’m buying several containers this time.

What do you buy at Costco that should be on this list?


  1. I just joined Costco last week for the first time. We have always shopped at Sam's. And guess what...I bought the same salt! I feel so smart now. Thank you!

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