Saturday, March 19, 2016

Reading for Your Weekend

The weekend is here. The sun is shining in these parts - an omen of good things to come. I hope yours is equally lovely. Here's a little reading for the slow parts (because everyone needs slow parts).

  • How To Wear Your White Jeans - I'm not extra petite but I do love this blog. Jean has impeccable style. I tend to wear my white jeans with dark tops but here she pairs hers with neutrals. The result is lovely.

  • The Loveliest of Work Spaces - Secondhand shopping is a skill some people possess in spades and then there's the rest of us who muddle even when we buy things new. I love this space, which was pulled together from amazing bargain finds. It's both minimal and rich in details.

  • A Well-Curated Roundup of Writing Links - Caroline Starr Rose is an author, her books include the middle grade book, May B. She blogs about writing and has a link list with lots of fascinating reads.

  • Life's Big Moments Take Place in The Car - Modern Mrs. Darcy hits in the nail on the head when she says life's big moments take place in the car. She makes the case for driving with our kids. Having been blind-sided by my own children's questions in the car. I have to agree. 
One final thing, if you're looking for something to put in Easter baskets, might I suggest caterpillars.They grow into the loveliest of butterflies and watching the metamorphosis will last far longer than the jelly beans. Order before March 21st to have your cup o' caterpillars arrive in time for Easter.  


  1. I always enjoy reading your blog. By the way that is a lovely teacup.

    1. If only I could remember where I got it!