Friday, March 4, 2016

Simple Ways to Elevate the Ordinary

Put a dollop of whipped cream on it.
Better Homes and Gardens teaches you how to go crazy – heart-shaped pink whipped cream and cocoa powder on homemade pudding.

My youngest is having surgery next week. When we were at the physical therapist’s office, we were discussing the surgery and she asked if we had any night before surgery traditions.  Umm, does not eating after midnight per doctor’s instructions count as a tradition?

While surgeries aren’t a routine occurrence for us, we have had several over the last couple of years. And we have upcoming surgeries taking place in back-to-back months. All of that made the idea of a new tradition sound pretty good.

When I was running errands, I picked up glow sticks. I think our new surgery eve tradition will be hide and glow seek. It’s not a new activity for us (in fact, it was our send off for Mr. Scientist), but it’s something everyone enjoys and we don’t play it often enough.

You don’t need a surgery to make a new tradition though. You can elevate the ordinary anytime.

Here are a few easy–to-implement suggestions:
  • Dye the milk. I used maraschino cherry juice on Valentine’s Day to make pink milk. One child drank 3 glasses, one child drank none.
  • Let your food look back at you. Put these candy eyeballs in applesauce or on toast.
  • Make a trail. Line up stuffed animals, cars, dolls, etc… leading from the door to the table where something fun is waiting.
  • Put jokes in everyone’s lunch.
  • Start a new dinner conversation. Sometimes getting people to talk about their day is like pulling teeth (unless a classmate got sick in class, everyone wants to talk about that). We like to go around the table and share: one happy thing, one sad thing and one thing you can do better. It’s always surprising to me what gets categorized as “happy” and what gets categorized as “sad.” (The throwing up classmate was considered both happy and sad.)
  • Put a dollop of whipped cream on it. When all else fails, go restaurant-style and use a spoonful of whipped cream or a sprinkle of powderered sugar or cocoa powder. It makes everything look fancy. Use your tea strainer to get an even sprinkling.
What simple things do you to elevate the ordinary?

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