Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Looking For Lovely

When I saw that Annie F. Downs was looking for people to review her new book, I signed up. Then I regretted it.

Annie F. Downs is a Christian author and sometimes those two attributes don’t mix. You can’t stick a few Biblical truths in water with stringy carrots and expect anyone to actually like eating it, much less find it filling.

But a friend had told me that reading Annie Downs is like reading a friend. She was right.

It isn’t just that this book is funny, although it is. It isn’t just that the stories unfold into gentle truths, although they do. It’s that as a writer, Annie, is readable and relatable.

I don’t have a lot in common with Annie. She’s a single gal living in Nashville. In some chapters, she writes about the struggles of being alone, of fighting her weight. She calls getting up at 7 AM being a morning person. I don’t know that life.  Per my world order, anyone who gets up at 7 is late.

And yet I didn’t just hear her, I got her. In particular, the chapter on being unfinished got to me. These were her words, but she was talking about my soul.  

“I want to be all right so that you will think I’m all right. I want to be victorious constantly so that you won’t think I’m a failure. I want to say I find beauty in every corner, but the truth is my eye is drawn to trash as much as it is treasure.”

Read Looking forLovely, you won’t come away hungry. 


  1. What a great post! Stopping by from the launch team and loving all the Lovely that I am finding!

  2. Wait... I think I got lost. Did my comment not post? Here's what I wrote (and please delete it if I've submitted twice. Forgive me!):

    What a lovely, honest, pointed review. I loved it. Thank you! (I found you through the launch team.)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth. The launch team was fun, wasn't it!

    2. Yes! I've never been on a launch team before. It's been a great experience!