Friday, April 15, 2016

Reading For Your Weekend: Travel Edition

This family is going on the Great Family Road Trip. I have no desire to do likewise, but I am looking forward to following along.

Dos and Don'ts of Travel Photography. These are all helpful but "Don't get stuck behind your camera" may be the most important tip!

Have You Ever Planned a Surprise Vacation? - I haven't and at least one of my kids is anti-surprises so this might not work for us, but it sure sounds like fun.

I'll Have What Phil's Having - This tv show is supposed to be amazing. It's all about food + travel. Hard to go wrong, right?

South Carolina has been on our travel wish list for a while now. After reading this food and travel guide, I want to go even more. (Although this looks far more romantic than I expect our trip will be.)

It's Songkran, the Thai New Year, this weekend. Even though we can't go to Thailand, we'll be celebrating with our stomachs. If you want to raise a fork in celebration too, try making this.

Lastly, 5 ways to remember the trip without shelling out for souvenirs.


  1. We would LOVE it if you guys went to SC!!

    Which kid is anti-surprise?

    -- K.

  2. I'll let you know if we make SC a go! The big guy is big on no surprises.