Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Customized Book Bags or If Ikea + Target Had a Baby

Even though Mother Nature is letting us know it's still officially summer with her toasty temps, we started back to school this week. I opted to pay the school to do all the school supply shopping this year, but there were a few things that I still needed to pick up. In particular, both boys' back packs were pretty much shredded after last year. So we needed new back packs.

When we were at Ikea couch shopping, I saw that they are now selling book bags. The bags, like most of Ikea's things are streamlined and super functional: think sturdy canvas construction with lots of pockets and clever little spaces. (Those zippered side pockets are for water bottles.)  The bags were also a really good price ($17 for the smaller one and $19 for the bigger one). So we got two of them. 

The only thing was that the bags were a little plain, even for my sensible taste, but especially for a five year old and seven year old. I shopped around Etsy a bit looking at customized name patches but then found the perfect solution in Target one day. Have you seen Target's new Cat & Jack clothing line? It's adorable and it just so happens that it includes little adhesive patches. 

If Target and Ikea ever had a baby, it would be these finished product book bags. 

Here's one of the bags before (complete with Run Club tokens). 

And here are both bags with the patches on them. Cute, right? I should point out that the patches have only been only a few days so we'll have to see how well they hold without any extra tacking. At least when it comes to book bags, we've started the new school year off right.

Happy new school year, whenever you return!

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