Monday, August 22, 2016

Tips For Waiting At the Doctor's Office With Kids

Every parent knows that waiting at the doctor's office with kids is right up there with having your teeth cleaned or a bikini wax - for the greater good, some things must be endured. 

Because all three of my kids have a little extra medically-speaking, I spend a fair amount of time at the doctor's office. Sometimes these visits are sweet moments. At other times, these visits send me to the brink. You can only blow up a rubber glove so many times before you're lightheaded and novelty-less.  

The big tease of doctors' offices is, of course, being moved from the waiting room to the exam room. You wait and wait, only to go 20 feet and wait so more. It's like when a delayed airplane pushes away from the gate, only to line up on the runway behind 17 others. Minus the peanuts and pretzels. 

Over the years, I've been in a lot of different doctor's offices. Many of our visits  have been in major cities, aka a haul from home. My husband has gone with me to some of our "big" appointments, but, more often than not, I go with a child (or children) alone. 

Because we go to the doctor so often, we have a bit of a system now to help combat the drive + wait time + the inevitable traffic on the way home. That system varies on any given day, but it frequently includes audio books or podcasts in the car and games at the doctor's office. I'm no stranger to forking over my phone or an i-Pad as needed, but it's not my first choice. (Because, hello, if I give them my phone, how am I going to look at Instagram?)

If you find yourself at the doctor's office (or even just in the car) all too often, might I suggest the following: 
Finally, here are some of our favorite doctor's office activities:  

You can find more tips like these (as well as strategies for organizing medical records, scheduling doctor's appointments and handling hospital visits) in my book, Beautiful Paradox: Musings, Marvelings and Strategies of a Special Needs Parent, available on Amazon.)

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