Wednesday, September 7, 2016

No One Has To Tell Them to Read: Children's Books

Now that we are post-Labor Day, school has started for just about everyone. When I went to Target the other day, the back-to-school aisle had dwindled to just a few remaining items - a sure sign the school is back in full swing. 

A return to school means a return of homework assignments, and because we've been back in school for a few weeks, we're already plugging away at it over here. While schools have been generally decreasing the amount of homework they assign over the past few years, they've been increasing the amount of required reading time. 

In our house, we have one strong reader, one emergent reader and one still looking at the pictures reader. But all of my kids love books. No one has to tell them to do their reading homework and it's my favorite homework too. 

Here are some of the books currently circulating through our house. 

The Last Train by [Titcomb, Gordon] 
The Last Train, author Gordon Titcomb
Even as we're headed out of the Thomas the Train era over here, a love of a good transportation theme - and trains especially - remains. This is a beautiful picture book about an old train station from a bygone era.

Monsters Eat Whiny Children by [Kaplan, Bruce Eric]

Monsters Eat Why Children, author Bruce Eric Kaplan
My second-grader's teacher introduced this book to her class and my second-grader introduced it to the rest of us. A cute cautionary tale for whiny children (and adults too)!

My Teacher Is a Monster! (No, I Am Not.) by [Brown, Peter]

I remember thinking that my teacher lived at the school until we ran into her at the grocery store one day. What?? Teachers can leave the school? Imagine Bobby's surprise when he sees his monster teacher at the park one weekend. 

Product Details
Ready Freddy, author Abby Klein

Ready Freddy is a series of books about a kid named (wait for it) Freddy. Each book documents a relatable problem Freddy has and how he and his friends handle it. These make for quick read-alouds. 

Winnie the Pooh (Winnie-the-Pooh Book 1) by [Milne, A.A.]

Winnie-the-Pooh, author A.A. Milne

Because, well, who can't help but love this beloved bear. I'm re-reading this again after many, many years and I think it's actually better now that I'm an adult. I'd forgotten that it was funny. I'm reading this for me now so that I can go at my own pace, but it will make great bed-time reading for everyone once I'm done. 

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