Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Hope I Choose to Believe In

Five years ago, I saw my daughter's picture on a waiting child adoption website. With much fear and trembling and excitement, we made the decision to adopt that little girl. That decision forever changed the trajectory of our lives in ways have that have been beautiful and transforming, and sometimes, impossibly hard.

Around that same time, I saw a picture of another older little girl on that the same waiting child website. Periodically, I would check back in, specifically looking for that child. She was always still waiting.

Recently I learned that, five years later, this little girl has a family. When I heard the news, I cried big, ugly tears. They were tears for this little girl and for her new family and they were tears for all children who long for a home and don't have one, but even more so - they were tears for me. Because this is the kind of inexhaustible, indefatigable, impractical hope I choose to believe in. I believe in it for me and for my children and for my children's children.

And, I believe in it for him, my little friend still waiting for a family.

I believe in it for you, too.

We are fallible and imperfectible but we are also beacons.

No matter what, we can always bear witness to hope. 

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