Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Things I Learned this Fall

1. A New Go-To Meal - Growing up I was an avid brussels sprout hater. Avid. As in it was a food I only ate with my nose plugged so as to mask the taste. But a few years ago, I had them roasted and I discovered that when crispy, these are not your mother's vegetable.

I heard someone raving about a recipe on a podcast recently and I knew that I had to try this three-ingredient dish: brussel sprouts, bacon and eggs. It's cooked in the oven, all in one pan and then you sprinkle a little sea salt on top. It's delicious and a crowd-pleaser - even the kids love it. (Admittedly my kids are fairly adventurous eaters, but even for people who aren't, may I remind you that bacon is a central ingredient).

2. Toys Aren't Going to be Underfoot Forever - I have come to this realization a little late, but children don't play with toys forever. Seriously. While it may feel like the days of stepping on Barbie shoes and Legos are here to stay - they aren't. A day is coming when my kids will ask for electronics, not toys. This point was underscored for me recently when one of my son's classmates came over and asked where our X-box was. I'm going to appreciate our toys a little more, especially the ones that keep the kids occupied for hours on end.

3. Literary Advent Calendars Aren't Just For Kids - Technically I learned this last year, not over the past few months, but it's something I want to remember now as Christmas approaches.

Last year, I did a literary advent for the kids by wrapping all of our holiday books, but I also did this reading for me. Not only did I enjoy it on the cold winter mornings, but it made the days approaching Christmas feel much more intentional.

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