Monday, December 12, 2016

Indoor Activities for Kids

It's started snowing in some parts of the country. In my neck of the woods, we've had rain - a lot of it. I'm grateful for the rain, even if being cooped up with kids hopped up on Christmas sugar is not my idea of a really good time. 

Here are a few indoor activities we employ when the weather gets dicey (and sometimes even when it isn't): 

2. Skillshare online classes (I first heard about Skillshare here. AshleyAnn makes several recommendations for classes. We really like the Kids Doodling one.)

3. GoNoodle  - This is a free, fun website for getting the wiggles out. We are partial to the dance channel. 

4. Kinetic sand - If you don't already have this sand, add it to your Christmas list now. You can buy it at Michaels with a coupon. 

5. Adult coloring books - I bought this as a gift for someone and ended up keeping it for myself. This summer when it was super hot, one afternoon I sat down to color with the kids. Naturally, everyone wanted my coloring book. I don't blame them - it was actually very soothing, especially when we added an audio book to the mix (which brings me to my next suggestion). 

6. Audio books - Recommendations here

7. Dominoes (Either playing the game or just stacking them up in lots of crazy ways and then knocking them down.)

8. Water bottle flipping - A friend's older son introduced my 7 year old to this. At first, I thought it was the dumbest thing  I'd ever heard (it's exactly like it sounds: flipping a plastic water bottle and seeing how many times in a row you can make it land upright). But for some reason, my son finds it entertaining. As with all dumb things, there are numerous YouTube videos. 

9. Elf Yourself - an oldie but goodie. The little boy from China who stayed with us last year thought it was the best thing ever!!

10. Math games - Sure, you'd be that mom, but it doesn't hurt to be that mom some of the time. Here are a couple of sites: 

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