Monday, December 19, 2016

Why I Let My Son Set His Legos On Fire

a young boy holding some building blocks

My seven-year-old son recently asked if he could set his Legos on fire. He hadn’t outgrown them and he wasn’t fed up with them. In fact, Legos are one of my son’s favorite toys. So why was he asking to burn his playthings? Because he has a Lego fire truck set complete with firemen minifigures and he wanted to watch his crew “put out” a fire.
When he asked if he could have a Lego-sized bonfire, my first instinct was to give a resounding “no.” After all, we don’t play with matches and we don’t burn our toys! Isn’t that the first (and what should be the second) rule of fire safety? 
Read why I changed my mind (it has something to do with Angela Duckworth's book, Grit) here


  1. Several years ago one of my dear sons was very interested in all things camping. We gave him flint starters for Christmas.... The boy loved those flint starters!!!!

    Because of those little flint starters I was able to experience the use of our emergency fire extinguisher. I also got to stamp out a brush fire in my nightgown.

    Boys. You got to love 'em.

    1. You have filled me with a sense of foreboding. I am making a note to check the condition of our fire extinguisher.

  2. Last week while at his Grandpa's house my 5 yr old son lit a match and scared his Grandpa.....boys are busy.

  3. Did this all happen before Firefighter Uncle Eric got there or was he privileged to help him out? He would have loved it if he wasn't there. Between you and Reagan, you always give me a laugh.