Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Things Saving My Life Right Now

This winter has been cold and wet - and wet and cold. I'm ready for the sun and (despite the above picture) I live in a fairly temperate climate!

Modern Mrs. Darcy does a yearly What's Saving My Life Right Now post. I linked up last year and am glad to be doing so again this year.

Here are the things making me smile even when Old Man Weather doesn't.

1. Cordless Bluetooth Earbuds - I used to think that these were for athletes. Then I got a pair. I don't use them for working out or other sports-related activities (except walking). But I do use them to wash dishes and other household tasks, and I love not getting tangled up in the cords or worse the phone falling out of my pocket.  Bonus: These do a better job of blocking outside noise than the corded ones.

Image result for pink panther

2. Transition Music - For me, the hardest part of going anywhere with kids is getting out the door.  I've tried giving 2-minute warnings, setting timers, etc. and while these can be effective, for us they weren't effective enough.

So, I decided to take a page from the teachers playbook. Now I play our "We're Leaving" song every time we need to get out the door. It's wonderful - I don't even have to say anything. As soon as the opening notes come on,  everyone knows to get up and go! I chose the Pink Panther song because it's music only and long enough for everyone to get coats, book bags, etc. We use another song for bath time.

Natural Vitality Natural Calm Magnesium Anti Stress, Organic, Raspberry Lemon, 16 oz

3. Natural Calm -  Even though this was previously on my radar, I had associated it with anxiety, which I don't suffer from. But recently I heard someone raving about it, so I took a closer look. It's actually marketed as an "anti-stress drink and magnesium supplement." I've been using it and when I'm feeling overwhelmed, it really takes the edge off.

I bought mine at the local health food store. If you just want to try it and don't want to spring for the big container, look at the displays in the checkout lines. I found  single-serve sizes there.

4. My Electric Blanket - I got one from Costco a few months back and I've used it almost every day. It has a three-hour shut off, but I stay cozy all night long.

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  1. Yes! Electric heated blanket for the win! I love mine!