Monday, April 3, 2017

20 Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers

I love Easter candy as much as the next guy (Maybe even more, I have a real thing for black jelly beans). But a little candy goes a long way with kids. So every year, I look for some non-candy things to put in Easter baskets. Here are a few ideas:

Fun Bandaids - I put these in stockings and Easter baskets and they're always a hit. Plus, can you ever have enough Band-aids?

Board and card games - Are typically on sale this time of year, making it a perfect time to stock up. Try Candyland, Uno, Connect Four, Memory, Pie Face (don't forget to buy a can of whipped cream, too!), Suspend or Kanoodle (this game is travel size, which makes it perfect for spring break or summer trips).

Craft items - In the past, I've bought kits from Michaels with my 50% off coupon. Perler beads are a BIG hit around here right now. Glitter glue is always fun.

Food - These are still sweet without being straight-up sugar: yogurt-covered raisins, dried fruit, beef jerky (the teriyaki kind) and fruit leathers. When my kids were little bitty, I used to put Cheerios and raisins in their Easter eggs, but I can't get away with that anymore. I don't want the Easter bunny to get boo-ed.

Caterpillars - Seriously. This is an awesome gift; the whole family can watch the caterpillars become butterflies. We bought the butterfly garden a few years back, so now all we need is a refill.

Socks - Fun ones, naturally.

Sidewalk Chalk


Sunglasses - Summer is coming!


Wildflower seeds - Even a black thumb can make these grow.

Glow sticks - Hide-and-glow seek is one of our favorite games.

Light-up balloons - Have you seen these? We got some as a gift, and they were a lot of fun.


Mad Libs - Remember how much fun these were?

Chapstick - Can you ever have enough?

Umbrellas - April showers bring May flowers.

Nail polish

Nail files - Pair with the above for a fun set.

Electric toothbrushes - Those pearly whites will need a good cleaning after all the candy.

A book - Because every occasion is the right occasion for a good book! (Book lists here and here and here.)

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  1. I've got bubbles, Play-doh eggs, Easter books ("The Egg Tree," "Marshmallow"), glitter tattoos (because we're classy like that), Matchbox cars, etc. - K.

    (Also: how did I not know you were a fellow black-jellybean enthusiast???)

    (And one more: Cheerios and raisins? Killjoy.) :)