Monday, April 10, 2017

Children's Books to Help Prepare for Doctor and Hospital Visits

Do you have a kiddo with an upcoming medical procedure? Or how about a child who fears that any trip to the doctor's office will include shots?

One of my kids used to be petrified of the blood pressure cuff. She screamed every time it was brought out (which was practically every doctor visit). Given that blood pressure is taken at the beginning of the exam, our visits routinely began poorly. And, due to all the screaming, this child's blood pressure reading was often high, necessitating that the need for a second taking. Not fun! 

If you have a reluctant patient or just want to help prepare a child for a medical visit, a fun children's book explaining what happens at the doctor's office or hospital might be just the ticket. Forewarned is forearmed, even when it comes to fiction. 

Little Critter: My Trip to the Hospital, Mercer Mayer - I have a love for all the Little Critter books and this one is no exception. When Little Critter breaks his leg, he rides in an ambulance, has x-rays taken, and gets a cast. 

The Bernstein Bears Go to the Doctor, Stan and Jan Bernstein - Brother and Sister Bear need check-ups, so they go see Dr. Grizzly. The kind doctor looks in their eyes and ears, and they even get shots. Brother and Sister Bear pass with flying colors, but what will happen when Papa Bear sneezes?

How to Heal a Broken Wing, Bob Graham - When a bird falls in the city, young Will takes it home and carefully tends to it. Obviously this isn't exactly "on point," but its beautiful illustration and words tell a story of healing. "A loose feather can't be put back, but a broken wing can sometimes heal with rest, and time, and a little hope."

The Bernstein Bears Hospital Friends, Stan and Jan Bernstein - When Cousin Fred has his tonsils out, Brother and Sister go to the hospital to visit. They end up taking a tour of the hospital and see all kinds of different things:nurses, doctors,  x-rays, physical therapy, and the playroom. 

Calling Dr. Amelia Bedelia, Herman Parish - So this is what isn't supposed to happen at the doctor's. Nonetheless, it's a fun read. Zany Amelia Bedelia helps out at the doctor's office - to the patients' detriment. But all ends well, when she  "treats" everyone's ailments with ice cream. 

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