Clothes Washing Tips for Parents with Sensitive Babies

girl baby clothingBabies have sensitive skin, but some have skin that is far more sensitive than normal. It may seem like anything can give them a rash or make them uncomfortable, and parents of these children need to do whatever they can to protect their baby and treat their skin as gently as they can.
Their clothes spend the most time in contact with their skin, so it is important to take special care of the clothes and ensure that they are safe for the baby. Parents of these kinds of children will go to extra lengths to ensure that that clothes they buy are made from safe, dye-free materials and that they don’t have any additional attachments on them that could irritate the baby’s skins, such as decorative buttons or iron-ons. They may also only buy clothes from trusted retailers, like baby girl onesies to make sure that the clothing meets national guidelines and standards.
However, they may be neglecting to wash their children’s clothes properly. As they wash the baby girl onesies, the little socks and hats and other clothes for their baby, they need to make sure that they are using detergent that will be gentle on the baby’s skin. These parents probably already know not to wash the clothes for the baby with everyone else’s clothes and they probably use a specialized baby detergent for their child’s clothing instead of the standard detergent they use for everything else.
There are some tips they may not know about, however, that can help them. First of all, they should not overfill the washer. This can prevent the clothes from being washed properly and it can trap the detergent in the clothes, preventing proper rinsing.
It can also help to double rinse the baby’s clothes, as this ensures there is no detergent residue left on them. It also ensures that the clothes are immaculately cleaned and no particles are trapped inside the clothes.
Any baby’s clothes that are heavily soiled should be hand washed and cleaned separately from the other clothes. This prevents contamination and ensures the the soiled clothes are cleaned properly.
Parents should also avoid any fragrant detergents for their baby, opting instead for scent-free detergents or even natural cleaners that are less likely to irritate the skin.
These simple tips can make it far less likely that babies with sensitive skin will suffer breakouts and rashes.